Featured Labs

Interactions between Faculty and Students:
All full-time faculty members in the department have individual offices to facilitate discussions and counseling with students. Additionally, facilities such as the department office, department student association office, meeting rooms, project rooms, and seminar rooms provide spaces for faculty-student meetings and discussions, promoting interaction and communication between faculty and students.


Environment for Developing Students' Professional Competence:
The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is currently divided into three spaces: Civil and Environmental Engineering Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering Building 2, and the Business School Building's first floor. There is one multimedia classroom and a total of seven laboratories, including a multimedia laboratory, each managed by dedicated faculty members. The total area of the laboratories is 1192.9m², and based on the department's student count of 312, each student is allocated an average of 3.82m², indicating ample laboratory space for practical work. All necessary equipment and materials for laboratory experiments are procured by the laboratory management teachers according to the course outline's requirements.
The internship courses in the department can be categorized into compulsory courses, elective courses under course module selection, and elective courses opened based on the teachers' needs. Each student can perform complete practical operations on experimental equipment during internship classes. The equipment in each laboratory is well-matched with the number of users and is improved as per the enhancement of teaching content. The allocation of annual funds for equipment and materials in the department is efficiently distributed based on the department's development priorities and the demands proposed by the laboratory management teachers.
The following list provides the names of laboratories, research centers, and classrooms in the department, which greatly assists graduate students in laboratory management. The convenient accessibility and usage of laboratories contribute to an efficient learning experience for the students in the department.


Departmental Specialized Laboratories:

1. Disaster prevention and resource management research center (non-destructive testing equipment: Ground penetrating radar, ground resistance, and other high-tech detection equipment)
2. Environmental remote sensing and resource value-added research center (unmanned aerial vehicle surveying, positioning monitoring)
3. Innovative building safety record gallery (collaboration with the building safety record association, assisted by the alumni association of Civil and environmental engineering)
4. Building information modeling (BIM) certification center
5. Unmanned aerial vehicle application development education center (co-organized with Taiwan unmanned aerial vehicle application development association)
6. Surveying and spatial information laboratory
7. Concrete laboratory
8. Soil mechanics laboratory
9. Construction technology information research laboratory (bim modeling, 3d printing)
10. Craftsmanship research laboratory
11. Multimedia teaching room
12. Computerized classroom