Career & Opportunities

In recent years, more and more undergraduate students have been deciding to continue to study for their master’s degrees, but many have also begun working for the government, private organizations and even starting their own businesses. All students who graduate from our department have bright and promising futures. 


Future Outlook:
The department has established the "Center for Environmental Remote Sensing and Value-added Applications" and the "Disaster Prevention Technology Industry-Academia Research Center." These centers take the lead in integrating manpower and resources for various research and industry-academia projects. Additionally, they undertake commissioned projects from government agencies and private enterprises. Each year, the total funding for these industry-academia projects amounts to several million New Taiwan Dollars.
Regarding future course arrangements, the department prioritizes enhancing students' employability. The faculty members tailor their teaching methods to suit individual students, aiming to cultivate engineering and environmental science and technology professionals who will contribute to the country's future construction and sustainable development.


Our university is in close proximity to the Hsinchu Science Park and Hsinchu Industrial Zone, facilitating excellent interactions with the industry. After graduation, students have opportunities to work in nearby construction firms, architectural firms, engineering offices, construction companies, material suppliers, property management companies, environmental landscape engineering firms, real estate agencies, interior design, and real estate management.


Further Studies:
Domestic Postgraduate Studies: Various public and private universities offer relevant graduate programs in civil engineering, environmental studies, and related fields.
Overseas Postgraduate Studies: Through our university's International Exchange Center, students can apply to relevant graduate programs in foreign universities.