The department's curriculum is built on a foundation of in-depth studies in soil mechanics, engineering drawing, engineering surveying, and environmental disaster prevention. It places particular emphasis on the seamless integration of relevant specialized courses. In the foundational courses, students focus on essential subjects such as soil mechanics and statics, which are crucial in civil engineering. They also explore practical aspects related to concrete mix design, engineering surveying, and proficiency in software tools like BIM and AutoCAD. In the "advanced courses," the emphasis is on helping students obtain professional certifications that will be beneficial for their future careers.


Compulsory Courses:
These courses adopt flexible teaching methods, accompanied by state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, to emphasize practical exercises and project work.


Elective Courses:
The elective courses are designed in alignment with the department's development direction. They cover topics such as engineering surveying practices, soil and water conservation engineering, engineering geology, environmental engineering overview, and bridge engineering.