Brief Introduction



Department of Hotel Management and Culinary Creativity(HC) was established in 1998 and is committed to train students who are readily employed by hospitality-related companies. From the academic aspect, HC has been famous for its state-of-the-art facilities and experienced faculty among vocational colleges and universities in Taiwan. The state-of-the-art facilities include 6 well-equipped classrooms, 2 simulated guest rooms, a business center, a culinary classroom with kitchen qualified for national culinary tests, and a cafe  restaurant, providing a complete and professional learning environment for HC students. The experienced faculty members have diverse educational backgrounds and earned their degrees from such countries as USA, England, Switzerland, and Japan that are all well-known for their booming hospitality industries. Furthermore, HC has engaged internship and cooperative plans with some of the top international hotels (partner hotels)  in Taiwan. With this tight link to hospitality industry, HC students’ learning and practical skills are expected to be integrated and updated, thus reaching the career-oriented goal of vocational education.


As far as curriculum, HC currently offers 3 specific areas of study: Hotel Management, Food and Beverage Management, and Service Management. Some of the required courses are Hotel Management, Front Desk Management, Housekeeping Management, Hotel Accounting, Economics, and Basic Statistics. Elective courses including Food and Beverage Management, Bartending and Wines, Food Preparation, Work Ethics, and Financial Analysis are also available. HM students are able to select whatever elective courses based on their interests and career goals. In addition, language courses, especially English and Japanese, play an important part in HM’s curriculum. It is expected that by extensive training of foreign languages, HC students are capable of communicating efficiently and effectively in the global workplace. There is also one special required course: Holistic Education Passport, which requires HC students to participate in such activities as volunteers, cultural and artistic events, and reading designated books each semester, so that they can learn how to be responsible for not only being good students but also being good citizens.


HC students of the 4-year program are required to complete one-year internship at the partner hotels. These partner hotels including Grand Hyatt, Formosa Regent, The Sherwood, Howard Plaza, Far Eastern Plaza, and The Ambassador have been offering intern positions for HC students since day one. They have been gladly accepting HC students as their interns because they have seen how HC students had shown their positive attitude and given their best in the workplace. As a result, HC students as well as HC graduates have earned an excellent reputation in Taiwan's hospitality industry.