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Department  Features

The Department of International Bussiness & Foreign Languages has been honored with a first-class evaluation from the Ministry of Education and has received recognition as a "professional category" by the Ministry of Education.

Our teaching objectives focus on enhancing students' English language proficiency and professional competence, emphasizing practical skills-oriented education.

We are committed to nurturing top-notch professionals in applied English language expertise, making us a leading institution for cultivating such talents in the Taoyuan, Hsinchu, and Miaoli regions.


Teaching Features

In order to cultivate outstanding English language professionals with specialized skills, we have the following teaching features:

•Integrating foreign language and professional knowledge to achieve the teaching objectives of applied English language.

•Emphasizing practical project-based courses to enhance students' competitiveness in the job market.

•Utilizing multimedia and online teaching methods to comprehensively improve students' English language abilities.

•Providing guidance for students to obtain professional certifications in TOEIC, TOEFL, TKT English Teaching, Japanese, German, Computer Information, and other areas.

•Designing business language programs to foster conditions required for enterprise and international perspectives.

•Organizing a series of diverse extracurricular activities to extend the effectiveness of classroom learning.

•Assisting students in cross-departmental selection of related courses or pursuing minor degrees to enhance their professional capabilities.


Professional Curriculum

Our department's curriculum centers around "English Language Education," "Business Language," and "Second Language Learning," including:

•Professional Foundation: Basic and advanced courses in English pronunciation, listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation, as well as conversational English, English communication skills, English presentations, Western literature, and travel English.


•Business Language: Elementary and advanced business English, technology business English, elementary and advanced financial English, practical business practices, and more.


•English Language Education: Courses in teaching children's American English, English teaching principles and practices, English teaching materials and methodologies, foreign language learning strategies, educational psychology, and others.


•Second Language Courses: Basic and advanced Japanese, business Japanese, basic and advanced German, business German, and other courses.

We have established collaborative programs with the Marketing Department, Hotel Management Department, and Early Childhood Education Department, offering specialized

programs in business language, international hotel management language, and early childhood American English. These programs aim to foster students with interdisciplinary

expertise and increase their competitiveness.


Student Internship

Considering the need for future employment after graduation, we have tailored internship policies and planned practical internship courses, allowing students to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

Internship courses align with the career directions of our students, providing opportunities for English language education and business language internships."