Professional Courses

Professional Courses


The core curriculum of our department encompasses general English language teaching, English for international business, and other foreign language education. This includes:

1. Professional skills building courses such as English pronunciation, listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation, English communication skills, English newsletter production, Western literature reading and analysis, tourism English courses, and other basic and advanced English courses.

2. English for international business, such as advanced business English, science & technology English, elementary finance English, corporate business English and other business English related courses.

3. English Language Teaching, such as teaching English to children, introduction to and practice in teaching English, English teaching methods and materials, foreign language learning strategies, educational psychology and other related courses.

4. Second foreign language courses, such as Japanese, advanced Japanese, business Japanese, German, advanced German, business German, and other second foreign language courses.

5. Interdisciplinary programs aimed at to increasing students’ competitiveness. These courses are offered by, The Marketing and Logistics Management Department (Marketing course), The Department of Hotel Management, and The Department of Early Childhood and Care.