Educational Goals


The mission of our college is: "Humanism, Health, Wisdom, and Service."


The educational goal of our college is to cultivate professional talents in the service industry with the ability of "ethical practice, service innovation, and cross-domain cooperation."


Core competencies of our college: "ethical practice ability", "service management ability", "communication and coordination ability", "innovative cross-domain ability", "professional practice ability."


The purpose of setting up each department (institution) and center of the college is as follows:


Department of Senior Service Industry Management (Bachelor, Master): friendly to the elderly, active aging.


Department of Early Childhood Care (Bachelor's and Master's Programs) and Teacher Training Center: Caring Practice, Excellent Educational Care.


Department of Leisure Business Management (Bachelor ): Health promotion, happy life.


Department of Hotel Management and Culinary Creativity (Bachelor : Hotel vanguard, tourism elite.