Department Features

  1. 1. Localization:

    To collaborate closely with various industries and both general and vocational high schools in the greater Hsinchu area, with the goal of fostering strong localization. This endeavor seeks to achieve the integration of schools within  the local community and the integration of employment opportunities with local industries.



    2. Featured curriculum:

    We offer courses in various managerial fields, including production, marketing, human resources, innovation and research & development, and financial management. This allows students to explore their interests in different   professions and advance in their career ladder. Afterwards, students can continue their studies by enrolling in three professional curriculum modules: “Services Management Module”, “Intelligence Operation Module”, and Digital   Business Module”. These Modules aim to cultivate managerial skills and enhance competitiveness in employment.



    3. Vocationalization:

    To cultivate practical skills among students, one could encourage their participation in off-campus internship programs, professional certificate tutoring programs, on-campus or off-campus contests, as well as projects that involve industry-school collaborations. This approach allows students to gain practical knowledge and skills through team teaching and research on business practices.