Course Introduction

The Department of Business Administration has the goal of nurturing management professionals with skills in "problem solving", "communication and coordination", and "system thinking". The curriculum is designed to follow these core competencies and incorporates the core competence indicators into the program.


In addition to offering traditional management courses, aimed at allowing students to explore their professional interests, we also strive to develop more specialized and distinctive courses. Our goal is to enable students to cultivate their own unique management careers. Furthermore, through the implementation of these specialized courses, we aim to establish a clear "human image." As a result, the professional courses provided by our department are designed To equip students with comprehensive skills necessary for the management industry, which they will be working in upon graduation.


In addition to completing professional courses, students are also required to obtain professional certifications, complete practical projects, and participate in off-campus internships in order to meet the standards of professional competence. Furthermore, in order to cater to the diverse choices and development of students, the department has established regulations regarding the selection of credits from external departments, the procedures for pursuing minor and double majors, and the opportunity to take cross-department elective courses for professional credits.