「護膚教室Skincare Classroom」、「美髮教室Hairdressing Classroom」、「美甲教室Nail Art Classroom」、「美甲沙龍Nail Salon」、「護膚沙龍Skincare Salon

We have introduced various tools and equipment, such as temperature-controlled hairdryers, skin and scalp analyzers, multi-functional ultrasonic beauty devices, handheld skin inspection lamps, and recently purchased embroidery machines, to meet the diverse learning needs of our students. These additions aim to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills, enabling our students to have hands-on experiences that align with real-world industry practices.



Equipment Information:

  1. 溫控護髮機 (Temperature-controlled Hairdryer)

    • Description: A hairdryer equipped with temperature control settings to protect hair from excessive heat damage during styling.
  2. 皮膚頭皮髮質檢測儀 (Skin and Scalp Analyzer)

    • Description: A device used to analyze and assess the condition of the skin, scalp, and hair to determine suitable treatments and products.
  3. 多功能音波美容儀 (Multi-functional Ultrasonic Beauty Device)

    • Description: A versatile beauty device that utilizes ultrasonic waves for various skincare treatments, such as deep cleansing, product penetration, and skin rejuvenation.
  4. 手握式皮膚檢查燈軟光柔膚儀 (Handheld Skin Inspection Lamp Soft Light Dermabrasion Device)

    • Description: A portable device with soft light that aids in skin examination and dermabrasion treatments for gentle exfoliation.
  5. 刺繡機台 (Embroidery Machine)

    • Description: A machine used for embroidery work, commonly used in the fashion and textile industry for adding intricate designs to fabrics.

These equipment additions have been made to enrich the learning experience of our students and provide them with practical training to meet industry demands.