Development and characteristics(系所發展與特色)

The development direction of the Department of Industrial Management is based on the needs and trends of industrial development, hiring outstanding teachers, and the characteristics of the development are:


Take root in professional core competence

Cultivate students to have the knowledge and skills of industrial management required by the enterprise, including "operation rationalization, standardization", "management institutionalization, computerization", "enterprise electronic, sustainable", "thinking systemization, integration".

After graduation, you can carry out operational process planning, management, diagnosis, and integration related work.

Practicalization of professional courses

Incorporate practical situations and hands-on skills into the curriculum, and emphasize practical empowerment. Through industry-university co-construction courses, dual-teacher teaching, industrial academies, professional courses, graduation project production, to cultivate the pre-knowledge and ability in the workplace, and the curriculum practice focuses on hands-on work.

Professional training license

Cultivate students' professional skills up to the level of professional certification, and guide students to obtain professional licenses to become professionals required for operation.

Practical industrial experience

To enable students to acquire practical experience, strengthen the last-mile connection, and enhance the employability of graduates through enterprise implementation, off-campus internships, and industry-academic cooperation.