Educational Goal

The educational goal is set to " Raising Elites of Professional Industial Electronic Technology with Vocational Ethics and Culture Foundation" based on educational ideals to raise professional associated electronic elites according to the prinples of growing technologists in the 21st century with modern elctronic profession set by the university and the college and according to local production characteristics and students' job requirements. Electronic Engineering Department shall educate students to apply professional knowledges to resolve electronic engineering problems, sufficiently develope professional techniques, and fully understand industial ethics and social responsibility for increasing capbilities of communication and teamwork. The department shall educate students to fine-tune themselves physically and sychologically, respond to the request of society, and enrich international versions for possessing successful planning capability of careers. Students are able to teach valuable knowledge and strengthen technology toward the developing aspects of kernel capabilities regulated by EAC2016. They may also  subject themselves to appreciation of cultual literature and art, social concerning, and historical recognition of responsibility and ethics. Students are expected to own all-aspect-inclusive applicational techniques and theoretical background of electronic technology.