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Department History


Department History

Following medical progresses and continuing low birth rates, the global population structure has been aging rapidly. In 1993, the percentage of citizens over 65 years old in Taiwan has exceeded 7% of our total population, which is a level defined by WHO as an Aging Society. Since then, this age group increases even rapidly and will soon reach to 10%, the highest among the Southeast Asian countries.

The impact of aging population will tremendously influence our society, economy, and cultures especially the daily health care and financial support of the elderly. There is no doubt that a well designed plan is necessary before the situation develops into a crisis.

For this reason, Dr. Hong-Tsao Lee, the founder of MinghsinUniversity, responded the growing needs and pioneered the first Department of Senior Citizen Service

Management in Taiwan. Here students and faculties alike are provided with the resources and facilities to study how to promote the advancement of senior citizen services and the improvement of quality life after their retirement.