Unit introduction


To adapt to the Ministry of Education’s policy on the diversification of teacher education, the school established the Teacher Education Center in 2001 to provide education programs to preschool teachers. The Teacher Education Center aims to cultivate qualified and excellent preschool teachers while providing in-service teachers with an on-the-job training channel to improve the quality of the nation’s early childhood education.


Organization Overview

There are five  full-time teachers whose teaching matches their specialization and one full-time assistant.


Educational Goals

The vision of the Teacher Education Center is to “improve students’ competencies and dedicate themselves to early childhood education.” Its purpose is to cultivate high-quality preschool teachers.

The core philosophy of the Teacher Education Center is “care, practice, and reflection.” Its educational goals are as follows:

  1. Cultivate preschool teachers with a professional attitude and passion for caring for others .
  2. Cultivate preschool teachers who can put theory into practice.
  3. Cultivate preschool teachers who can continue reflecting on themselves and pursuing professional development.



The Teacher Education Center offers high-quality courses focusing on both theory and practice. By developing a spirit of professional services and an attitude towards the pursuit of professional learning in students, the Center hopes to cultivate preschool teachers with ideals, vision, a kind heart, creativity, and perseverance in kindergarten education to improve the quality of early childhood education.

  1. Teaching resources: Adequate and comprehensive teaching space and equipment .
  2. Teachers: Being able to put theory into practice, teacher groups have a good working relationship.
  3. Curriculum and teaching: With a focus on both significant and potential curricula, the Center helps students improve their understanding of trends in early childhood education while cultivating preschool teachers with the characteristics of acquiring new knowledge, diversified thinking, caring for society, and as well as spontaneity and self-awareness.
  4. Guidance: Teachers interact intensively with students through class meetings and networks.


Future Prospects

The vision of the Teacher Education Center is “to cultivate high-quality preschool teachers with a well-rounded perspective.” To achieve this objective, the Center will continue to promote teacher education in the following three major tasks:

  1. Continue to strengthen the orientation of both theory and practice and the effectiveness of internship site visits.  
  2. Continue to offer counseling for local preschool teachers to improve the quality of public and private preschools in Taoyuan, Hsinchu, and Miaoli.
  3. Through service activities to care for local vulnerable families and to cultivate students' service-learning, at the same time, the relationship between the school and the local community is enhanced.



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