In addition to the instruction provided by our full-time faculty members, the College of Management also offers practical skill building courses. These are either taught through a dual-teacher approach, where industry scholars and experts collaborate with our professors, or through their supplementary support.  These initiatives aim to enhance our graduates’ employability and improve the overall quality of teaching within our departments.

The teaching and development focus of the School of Management is closely aligned with current industry trends and government policies. For example, we prioritize the concept of“smart enterprises” across our various departments. We tailor our teaching approach to align with the potential evolution of these enterprises, ensuring that our graduates are well-equipped for the future job market.

Furthermore, our institution is also attuned to the increasing importance of environmental sustainability. In line with government initiatives on achieving net zero carbon emissions, we emphasize teaching and research that address the pressing issue. By integrating these relevant topics into our curriculum, we strive to educate future business leaders who are consicious of environmental responsibility and equipped to navigate the challenges of a changing world. 

Smart Enterprises: Based on the instructional objective of each department, the school places great emphasis onfostering smart enterprises. At present, notable achievements have been made in the domains of smart retail, smart finance, and smart manufacturing, enablingstudents from the School of Management to merge theirknowledgewith information technology applicationsand boost theircompetitiveness in the future.

Net-zero carbon emission: To address worldwide environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) issues, the school will promote research and development, as well as provide guidance on sustainable management and net-zero emissions in both teaching and industry-academic partnerships. The school has become the biggest coaching team in regards to carbon inventory and carbon footprint management in the greater Hsinchu region.