Mr. Tsai Yu-Kong and Mrs. Hoang Thi Minh Lien awarded Honorary Doctoral Degrees


Minghsin University of Science and Technology celebrated its 57th anniversary on October 28th with the presentation of honorary doctorate degree at the "Honorary Doctorate Degree Conferral Ceremony." This marked the first time in the university's history that honorary doctorate degree was conferred. The recipients of these distinguished awards were two remarkable individuals: alumnus Mr. Tsai Yu-Kong and Vietnamese educator Mrs. Hoang Thi Minh Lien. The conferral of these honorary doctorates not only recognized their outstanding contributions in their respective fields but also acknowledged their pivotal roles in education and talent development.

President Liu Kuo-Wei expressed his deep appreciation during the ceremony, stating that it was a great honor for Minghsin Tech to witness this historic moment. He highlighted the exceptional contributions of Tsai Yu-Kong and Hoang Thi Minh Lien to Minghsin Tech, both in the realm of education and as key figures in talent cultivation. Awarding these honorary doctorates not only recognized their contributions to semiconductor talent education but also emphasized the successful collaboration between Minghsin Tech, the industry, and international educational partners.

Tsai Yu-Kong, an outstanding alumnus from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, currently serves as the Chairman of Russ Tiger Enterprise, Russpower Windenergy, and Coram Asia. He has been actively involved in educational services, generously supporting underprivileged students through scholarships and establishing a "Artificial Intelligence Future Classroom" with his resources. His extensive experience in corporate management and business operation has played a crucial role in the establishment of the Semiconductor Packaging and Testing Factory at Minghsin Tech, laying the foundation for semiconductor education.

Mrs. Hoang Thi Minh Lien, the founder of the Minh Anh Educational Group in Vietnam, has served as the Chairwoman of a High School and a vocational college for over 20 years. Committed to the New Southbound Policy, she has actively supported Minghsin Tech's international collaboration initiatives. This includes establishing an overseas office in Ho Chi Minh City and providing guidance to Vietnamese students seeking education abroad and learning Chinese Language courses. Her passionate involvement in the field of educational administration has been instrumental in promoting educational cooperation between Taiwan and Vietnam, guiding Vietnamese students in their pursuit of semiconductor technology studies.

Minghsin Tech's 57th-anniversary celebration featured a vibrant campus atmosphere with a cultural and creative market, street performers, a school carnival, international students' exhibitions, and club festivities. The dynamic events included a children's comic exhibition, a dance performance by indigenous students. The highlight of the celebration was the campus concert, featuring popular singers who entertained the crowd with their energetic performances. This series of exciting and dynamic programs showcased the renewed vitality of the university campus. (Information provided by Office of Academic Affairs)