The Governor of Montana leads a delegation to visit MUST



On the morning of November 2nd, a delegation led by Montana Governor Greg Gianforte paid a visit to  Minghsin University of Science and Technology. President Liu Kuo-Wei(劉國偉) warmly welcomed the delegation and personally introduced them to the Semiconductor School and the "Semiconductor Talent Training Base."

In the welcome ceremony, President Liu highlighted the university's strategic location at the core of the Hsinchu Science Park and Hsinchu Industrial Park. He emphasized Minghsin Tech's close collaboration with the industry and its commitment to internationalizing the university.

President Liu stated that in 2021, Minghsin Tech established the "Semiconductor School" and created the "Semiconductor Talent Training Base," often likened to a "Mini TSMC," to provide students with learning and hands-on experience. He added that the university has plans for future international semiconductor talent development collaborations with universities in Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Vietnam, and the United States. 

President Liu also mentioned that Montana Technological University is Minghsin Tech's sister institution, and both universities are collaborating on the Ministry of Education's "Taiwan Huayu BEST Program," which includes plans to offer Mandarin courses at Montana Technological University. Furthermore, a short-term student exchange between the two institutions is scheduled for December.

Governor Greg Gianforte announced, with the support of Taiwan's Ministry of Education, the launch of a Mandarin program for high school and college students at the University of Montana next year. He was delighted to learn about the partnership between Montana Tech and Minghsin Tech, as well as the recent student exchanges that took place over the summer. They are planning to offer short-term exchange programs to nurture semiconductor talent.

Governor Gianforte's primary objective during his visit to Taiwan was to strengthen cooperation in education and trade. Considering that Montana is a hub for optics, photonics, and bioscience in the United States, he visited Minghsin Tech to gain insights into the talent development model in the semiconductor industry. He expressed his hope for more Montana students to have opportunities to study semiconductors and establish long-term, stable partnerships in Taiwan.

Minghsin Tech stood as the only university visited by the Montana delegation during their trip to Taiwan. The delegation was deeply impressed by the university's facilities and environment, which closely simulate a semiconductor factory, offering practical learning and hands-on experience. Additionally, the delegation utilized this opportunity to meet with key industry representatives from companies such as Taiwan Bio Therapeutics(台寶生醫), M & R Nano Technology(科毅科技), EPISTAR Corporation(晶元光電), and KinSus Interconnect Technology(景碩科技) for discussions and exchanges. (Office of International Affairs)