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【Set purpose】


The multi-ethnic group in Taiwan is characterized by its diverse history and culture. It has long been an active multi-ethnic island. Taiwanese residents, from the earliest indigenous people and later Taiwanese, Hakka and other provinces immigrants, and even today's foreign spouses and mainland spouses, have shifted their children from the new immigrants, not only to the Aboriginal culture but also to the China's different cultures and Southeast Asian cultures, the formation of a multicultural society. Ethnic differences are multicultural connotations, and each ethnic group is Taiwan's multicultural asset.

In a pluralistic society, multiple concepts should be established universally and the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences should set up a "multi-ethnic group cultural research center". We hope this research center will serve as a platform to integrate regional resources into the technological advantages of our university and strengthen cooperation mechanisms among production, Promote the multi-ethnic integration, multi-cultural science and technology promotion.


【Research scope and focus】


Multi-ethnic harmony, integration, issues


Hakka personnel training


Hakka culture to promote


【Service items】


Accept the plan


Legal advice


Hakka teaching


Develop personnel training activities related to knowledge of gender equality



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