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Social Sciences Teaching Centre

The center is a combination of legal, political, psychological, educational and other social sciences is composed of the center, in addition to its basic General Education areas of law, constitutional and other courses, and general knowledge in the category of gender relations in the extensive open, marriage and family, international politics, political parties, cross-strait relations, life sciences, legal wisdom, intellectual property law practice, consumer protection law practice, personal growth, understanding globalization, spoken arts, human relations and other related programs.

The center currently employs 11 full-time teachers, 21 part-time teachers, including Professor of Law and Politics 21 courses, two courses professor of psychology, a professor of education, and the remaining eight categories of general course professor.

The center teachers with strong academic accomplishment and wealth of practical experience, combining theory and practice in teaching and individual counseling for students and counseling, and actively participate in internal and external seminars, visits to relevant government agencies, the introduction of new vision, new thinking , of holistic education to students with caring spirit of liberal virtue, can not worry about fear, confidence to face the challenges of innovation and the rapidly changing domestic and international.


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