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Introduction to the Undergraduate Program of Culture and Tourism Industries
The curriculum design
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  Introduction to the Undergraduate Program of Culture and Tourism Industries  

First, the goals of our program

The program is according to the philosophy of Minghsin University of Science and Technology, emphasizing knowledge and ability in hand, to learn to use as the aims of education, corresponding the needs of employment and industry trends, to integrate the teaching resources across the departments, to develop both emphasis on theory and practice as well as teaching and practice, to emphasize the humanities, service attitudes, professional ethics, to cultivate cultural tourism industry service and management personnel of quality as educational goals

Second, the development characteristic and development priorities

The four year Bachelor of Science unit focus on industry-academia collaboration, professional coaching license, local culture and tourism courses, cultivate students’ humanities, and foster cultural industry management, tourism industry operators to focus on two major areas of expertise and specialties. To foster cultural tourism industry talents with professional skills, the characteristics of the learning process of teaching:

1. To enhance students' observation of the cultural tourism industry environment analysis capabilities and international perspective.

2. To familiar with knowledge of the cultural industry and tourism industry transfer applications, to explore the practical ability of innovation and entrepreneurship.

3. To guide involved in social action, emphasizing personal responsibility and to enhance participation.

4. To build interdisciplinary exchange of industry, government and science research, to stimulate entrepreneurial ideals and objectives.

5. To promote industry-academia collaboration, and strengthen practical experience and professional skills.

6. To emphasizes both theory and practices, to cultivate students continuing their own business interests and abilities

The program development priorities

1. To cultivate tourism, culture, service of culture and tourism industry professionals.

2. To provide both practice and theory courses.

3. To assist and guide local cultural and tourism industry development.

4. To cooperate with the national industrial development policies.

5. To strengthen industry-academia collaboration, the cultural and tourism industry counsel implementation.

Third, the professional courses

1.  The core planning of the curriculum are "cultural industry management course" curriculum modules, "Tourism industry management course" curriculum modules, as well as the "second foreign language learning" curriculum, the total graduation credits are at least 128 credits, 80 required credits (General Education Basic 24 credits, Professional Requirements 56 credits), 48 elective credits (the elective allows for cross-department, but the elective credits are no less than 40 credits)including the following:

2.  Professional Basics: English / Chinese Area / History Area / Hakka culture Introduction / English conversation / Local Industry Overview / Tourism regulations / cultural and creative industries Introduction / folklore and culture / Tao Zhu Miao tourism resources survey / Tourism English / Marketing / culture tourism multimedia design / tourism licenses counseling.

3.  The cultural industry management course modules: communication skills / cross-cultural communication theory and practice / cultural resource survey / cultural economic survey / cultural and creative industries and planning / cultural policies and laws introduction / cultural industry jargon / information technology management / practical topics (1) / substantive topics (2)

4. Tourism industry management course modules: communication skills / cross-cultural communication theory and practice / consumer psychology / Tourism Introduction / meeting planning and management / leisure sociology / ecotourism planning / guide practice / substantive themes (1) / substantive topics (2)

Second Language courses: Basic Japanese (1) (2), Tourism Japanese (1) (2)

Fourth, Faculty and Facilities

Faculty: The full-time professors, associate professors, assistant professors, lecturers and academics related industry graduated from the domestic and foreign well-known universities, government and academic experts, dedicated and highly enthusiastic and positive attitude towards research, close interaction between teachers and related industries, especially dedicated engaging in project research, industry cooperation and technical services.

Facilities: The program is located at Hong Chao Building third and fourth floor, perfect teaching facilities, in addition to four language classrooms, auditorium and multi-purpose computer that the new multimedia language classrooms and other hardware facilities, but also provides students with the learning space such as learning corner.

Fifth, graduation vision

1.      Employment: professional knowledge and practice of this program learned can be applied to management of cultural industries, tourism industry operations and other related industries with competitively. Taking "cultural industry management "course modules, they will be engaged in: a public, internet entrepreneurs, physical store entrepreneurs, cultural industry entrepreneurs, cultural industry workers, new creation business attend " Tourism industry management " course modules, they will be engaged in: a public, marketing planning staff, eco-tourism personnel, marketing personnel and other cultural and creative industries.

2.      Advanced Study: The school graduates can apply for related domestic and foreign cultural and leisure tourism programs, and can also choose to go to school overseas to get credits, master's or dual-degree.


Sixth, Future Prospects


The development of the process of learning correspond with national construction, with " Beautiful Taiwan”,” characteristics of Taiwan", "Taiwan -friendly", "quality of Taiwan" and "marketing Taiwan" as the main, all-round cultural tourism industry to create quality tourism environment, and foster high-quality cultural tourism industry service personnel. In the future, the program will focus on pragmatic teaching, development-oriented characteristics of the field, continue to improve teaching and increase equipment, and strengthen the industry-university collaboration with industry and technical services, with a view to assist the industry, academia integration, import culture and tourism industry knowledge and ability of management and combine science and technology, strengthen professional skills and ethical literacy, to develop technology and services, both to management throughout the industry, enhance the competitiveness of industry, the continued drive toward the goal of science forward.

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