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The Institute of Service Industries and Management (ISIM) offers a uniquely master degree that will sharpen your service management skills and build your professional network for access to upper-management positions within the service industries.  Based on the integrated graduate school from departments of Hotel Management, Child Development and Education, Leisure Management, and Senior Citizen Service Management, we welcome distinguish students from service sectors mentioned above. However, based on our course characteristic of Service Science, Management, Engineering, and Design (SSMED), those who are looking forward to become a master of interdisciplinary human capital in wild field of service industries are most welcome to join us in our goal to be among Taiwan's leading graduate school of service management. Our goals:

·  Integrating management and technology to develop service management human capital

·  Leveraging academic and industrial resources to raise students’ competitiveness in career development. 

Nourishing professionals in service innovation to improve wellbeing of human society


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