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  About ME  
Mission Statement:

Department of Mechanical Engineering focuses on educating students to excel on the mechanical engineering profession by integrating the hand-on practices with basic theories.  Through organized and extensive training, the students will be the leading members of mechanical design, manufacturing, management, quality control, and control professional fields.  We combine excellence in education and research with service to society.

 Department Characteristics:

●  Our training programs concentrate on the integration of mechatronics systems and manufacturing technology of precision systems, etc.  General courses include system designs, manufacturing systems, mechatronics, control, system automation.  In addition, related courses such as the applications of laser, reverse engineering, mechatronics, and MEMS provide students a practical learning environment before working for industry.  The setup of various laboratories further enhances the learning experience.

●  We have thirty-two full-time teachers and seventeen of them are with qualifications above assistant professors.  Furthermore, we also continuously search for experienced and qualified engineers and managers from the Hsin-Chu Science and Industrial Park and the Industrial Technology Research Institute to teach the elective courses in our department.  With their industrial experience, the students will be able to combine the lessons learn with the practical applications.

●  There are total twenty-two laboratories that procured equipments from various professional fields.  The automation systems from CAD/CAM/CAE/CNC laboratories, the precision manufacturing equipments from the laser manufacturing/reverse engineering/rapid prototyping/vibration and acoustic study/optical metrology/experimental stress analysis laboratories, and the mechatronics system equipments from the PLC/microprocessor/imaging processing/robotics/sensors and measurement/dynamic testing machines/machine diagnosis laboratories consist of a completed training facility for the students.

Numbers of Recruiting Students for Academic Year of 95:

●  Graduate School Admission of Precision Mechatronics: 15 students

●  Undergraduate Admission: four years programs- 100 students; two years program- 100 students

●  Undergraduate Admission for Division of Continuing Education: four years programs- 100 students; two years program- 100 students; 2 year programs with at least one year of working experience: 40 students

Layout of Courses:

The fundamental courses focus on the basic disciplines of mechanical engineering theories and practical applications.    The advanced courses provide a bridge between the school and the requirements from the Hsin-Chu Science and Industrial Park, especially in the automation and technology of precision manufacturing.

●  The department requirement courses: By combing the laboratorial practices and the lessons learn, the students are able to implement their knowledge onto the school projects; therefore, the teaching qualities are further improved.

●  The elective courses: Various elective courses oriented to fit the needs of industrial are selected by the course planning committee.  The courses such as CAE, reverse engineering, laser applications and technologies, micro-machining, image processing, automation system designs, semiconductor materials, optimal designs, reliability analysis of systems, etc. are the typical courses on a regular basis.

Method of Admission:

●  Admission application

●  Screening test under recommendation

●  University entrance examination

●  Admission based on excellence technique performance 

After Graduated from School:

●  Graduate school: continue higher education in the related fields such as mechanical engineering, mechatronics, industrial engineering and management, medical engineering, etc.

●  Work: Hsin-chu County hold several high-tech industrial and science parks that provide numerous working opportunities for the graduated students in various fields such as manufacturing of semiconductors, opto-electronic devices, automation of equipments, design of mechatronics systems, mechanical design, etc.


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