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E-business is the conducting of business electronically. Since its inception e-business has rapidly and continuously changed the conduct of business. In fact, the scope, nature and content of e-business is expanding and changing almost on a daily basis. For Taiwan to become a major player in the electronic revolution in the new Digital economy there needs to be continuing collaboration between the government, business and the university sectors. Fortunately, the Taiwan government has new challenging policies and design initiatives for e-business by 2008. Through the government’s strong encouragement, provision of resources and funding Taiwan will be able to achieve excellence in the dynamic and changing e-business world and become global competitive force.


In the field of Global Logistics Management the following factors have driven e-business are: the availability of global communication networks; the development of integrated global supply chain efficiencies; the emergence of new business models to take advantage of the new technology to cut costs out of the supply chain; and, the desire of businesses to provide enhanced services for customers. Developments in e-business are generating significant opportunities and new strategies, processed and practices in Global Logistics Management. Some of these specific business applications include: e-sourcing; e-procurement; e-logistics and distribution.


Since Taiwan is a natural logistical center in Asia and Greater China we in Global Logistics Management are ready and able to design, develop and offer an e-commerce curriculum to take advantage of the vast potential and opportunities emerging in the field of e-commerce. The type of academic preparation we would offer to students would be the outcome of a collaboration of experienced practicing business people along with MUST’s academic professionals.


Besides an integrated package of core courses in e-commerce, we envision offering hands-on experiences and company-sponsored student projects to make sure the students have the talent and competencies so that upon graduation they would be able to contribute immediately to businesses which are starting up or developing e-business initiatives of their own. It is envisioned that curriculum would include: the fundamentals of global logistics management, providing in-depth knowledge on all aspects of e-commerce and related business skills; technology capabilities training; e-commerce software applications; and, special global logistics management technologies and processes.


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