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  Department Profile  

I.     Educational goals

This department aims to cultivate management talent with a firm foundation in marketing and logistics, practical operation abilities, a solid theoretical foundation, cultural refinement, and team spirit. It therefore focuses on workplace skill training and adopts a multidimensional creative educational approach to enhance the soft skills of students. At the same time, practical competitive activities serve the purpose of strengthening practical skills and team spirit.

II. Educational focus

1. Internship activities provide students with practical experience, professional skills, and positive work ethics and attitudes

2. Strengthening of professional skills in the fields of marketing, logistics, and conventions & exhibitions, acquisition of professional licenses, and organization of off-campus contests and training

3. Guidance for participation in social activities and emphasis on personal sense of responsibility and organizational participation

4. Training and provision of professional technical and vocational manpower for regional marketing and logistics industries

III. Professional courses

Professional elective courses are divided into three main categories:  Marketing, logistics, and convention and exhibition modules:

1. Marketing category: Consumer behavior, market research, brand management, pricing strategy and management, creative marketing, multimedia marketing, product development and management courses.

2. Logistics category: Distribution management, chain store management, logistics management, store operations and design, storefront operations, and procurement management courses.

3. Digital applications category: Digital marketing, e-commerce, online marketing, and marketing and distribution information system courses.

IV. Faculty and facilities

Faculty: The department currently has a total of 13 professors, associate professors, assistant professors, and lecturers. Our instructors have earned degrees from renowned US, Japanese, and national universities and a majority of them possess practical experience in relevant industries and industry-academia collaboration.
Facilities: The department currently features marketing, convention & exhibition, commercial information, and digital language learning classrooms as well as brand marketing, convention & exhibition, English, and Japanese workrooms with the goal of providing students with a supreme and comfortable learning environment.

V. Prospects after graduation

Employment prospects: This department focuses on the training and provision of professional technical and vocational manpower in the fields of regional marketing and logistics. In recent years, the Hsinchu region has witnessed an active promotion of the tourism industry and recreational agriculture. The establishment of tourism factories has been actively encouraged and the Taiwan Pavilion of the World Expo was relocated and reassembled in Hsinchu. These new industries will create more job opportunities in the future. This in turn will greatly increase the demand for marketing talent with cultural, creative, and professional expertise.

In addition, the Uni-President Group will construct a base in the Hukou area in 2013 which will serve as a comprehensive production and logistics area and tourism park. This base is projected to be completed in three years. Total investments will amount to 10 billion NTD and the total annual output value is expected to exceed 5 billion NTD. It is estimated that these investments will create around 2500 job opportunities and a strong demand for professional logistics talent.

Further studies: Students may pursue advanced studies in management and business related fields at national universities or apply to foreign graduate institutes through inter-university partnerships.


VI. Future outlook

The department will strive to achieve its educational goals through the participation in different off-campus competitions, enterprise internships, and professional license exams. We will continue to cultivate competent and professional marketing, logistics, and management talent with language, IT, and service abilities. In this process, we assist students in fusing theory with industrial practice to strengthen their competitive edge on the job market in the marketing and logistics industries.



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