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Minghsin Junior College of Engineering was established in 1966.   Having been able to meet educational demands derived from economical and social changes of the country, in about 30 years the College was restructured and renamed as Minghsin Junior College of Engineering and Commerce to include programs in the areas of business administration, international trade, and information management in 1993.

  In 1998, the College was promoted to be Minghsin Institute of Technology & Commerce, and Business Administration program was upgraded to become an academic unit with its own departmental staff. Thus, Department of Business Administration was brought into existence in the same year.

 In 2002, the Institute was restructured and renamed as Minghsin University of Science and Technology with new programs focused on services management.

 In 2004, Department of Business Administration started to offer MBA program. The MBA program was expanded in 2006 to take applications from applicants who are currently working in industries and show interested in studying part-time for the academic degree.

In 2011, the MBA program was restructured and renamed as the Institute of Management. Since then, the College of Management has fully been in charge of the MBA program.


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