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About Department of Opto-Electronic System Engineering
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  About Department of Opto-Electronic System Engineering  

Mission Statement:

Department of Opto-Electronic System Engineering focuses on educating students to be skilled in the optics and photonics engineering profession by integrating the hand-on practices with basic theories.  Through organized and extensive training, the students will be the leading members of optical design, testing and manufacturing professional fields.  We combine excellence in education and research with service to society. This department aims to produce high quality manpower to meet the demands of the photonics industry and to help promote photonics research in Taiwan.

 Department Characteristics:

●  Our training programs concentrate on the integration of optics, photonics and optoelectronics devices, etc.  General courses include basic photonics knowledge about geometric optics, wave optics, laser engineering and color science. In addition, related courses such as the applications of optical engineering, optical design, optical thin film, optical testing, solid state lighting, optical communication, display technology, optical materials, micro and nano-optics and photonics, and laser, etc. Furthermore, we have some programs about Flat-Panel Display program, Green-Energy Science and Technology program, and Master of Research and Development for Optoelectronics Technology. These courses provide students a practices and theories before working for industry. The setup of various laboratories further enhances the learning experience.

●  We have twelve full-time teachers and them are with qualifications above assistant professors.  Furthermore, we also continuously search for experienced and qualified engineers and managers from the Hsin-Chu Science and Industrial Park, Industrial Technology Research Institute, and Instrument Technology Research Center to teach the elective courses in our department.  With their industrial experience, the students will be able to combine the lessons learn with the practical applications.

●  There are total nine laboratories that procured equipments from various professional fields.  The optical testing and measurement system design from Optical & Opto-Electrnic Lab., Optomechanic System Measurement Lab. and Opto-Electronic Engineering Lab. The optical-micro-electro-mechanical systems design and simulated from MOEMS Design & Simulation Lab. Study of optical signal process and device characterization from Opto-Electronic Signal/Material/Device Characterization. Lab. The flat-panel display testing and developed from Display & Nano Technology Lab. The optical design for LED lighting from Solid State Lighting Lab., The solar energy devices developed from Solar-cell Optical-electronics Lab. The optoelectronic multimedia developed from Opto-Electronic Multimedia R&D Learning Center. These laboratories consist of a completed training facility for the students.


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