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The evolutionary history of the department
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  The evolutionary history of the department  
The department was founded in August 1966 aiming to teach applied science and technology to cultivate professional engineers and technicians, and the curriculum first offered was a 5 year vocational training program. The former department chiefs were Jian-Cun Huang, Wen-Long Zhou, Hao-Rong Luo, Rui-Kui Cai, Chun-He Liu, Cheng-Nan Wang, Chung-Shi Tseng, Chao-Hwa Yang, Yuh-Yih Lu, Yuan-Chuen Hwang, Ti-Chung Lee, and the present Chung-Shi Tseng. In 1983, another 2-year night school program was presented on the demands of the students working full time in the Hsin-Chu area. In 1985 the program was divided into two sections, the electrical power and instrumental control. Students could choose one of the sections at their own wills and take technical electives offered by their chosen sections. This department was the first one who successfully recruited oversea Chinese students from Malaysia to study in the power section of its two year vocational training program in cooperation with the Taian Electric Company for the on-the-job training. In 1995, two more classes, one for each section, were added to the department. For the years, 1981, 1984, and 1997, the department was consecutively ranked first grade in the field and hence authorized to advance to the college level and recruit its first class of four year college students in 1998. Besides this, it also recruited three classes of two year college students, another two classes of night school students in its two year vocational training program, and one class of students in the night school special training program. In the year 2003, the department founded its graduate program with Dr. Hwang as the department chief and started to recruit master-degree graduate students. The faculty and equipments of the department has gradually grown to a large scale in the years under the guidance of the university presidents and department chiefs. In view of the present states of the related industry, and the demands of the field and the country, this department determines to integrate energy technology, motor control, communication technology and the related engineering technology, offer timely and demand-oriented technical electives, and adaptively upgrade the lab equipments to mold students to be capable of designing, developing, producing, and integrating different systems.


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